Climb the Ladder of Search Engine Results

Let’s be honest here: How many times have you searched for a specific recipe or for a new plumber online and clicked on a result on the second page? Or even the last result on the first page? The answer is problem not often, if ever. Maybe you’ve explored the bottom results of your search out of curiosity. Maybe you’ve wondered why these results are shown in this order.

You’ve probably thought to yourself: “How do websites make the front page in a search? What makes these websites different from all other websites?”

The secret marketing technique for climbing through the millions of various search results and being reached through “organic” results is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Take Your Business to the next level

SEO refers to the marketing method used to capture the attention of search engines. In order for a search engine to sort through millions of webpages, it deciphers many factors with its algorithm to pick out the best matches for a search. Without SEO, search engines have a harder time determining the relevancy of your website.

Increase Your Visibility

For example, if you run a business that sells custom guitars, you may assume that your website will appear in a search for “guitars” or “custom guitars.”

Your website has to compete with all of brand name, high-end online retailers, every local and regional store, and the thousands upon thousands of every webpage, blog, article, video on the internet that mentions the word “guitar.”

Don’t Get Buried in the SERPs

As you can imagine from the example above, if a website skips out on SEO, it can easily be buried deep in the abyss of search result pages. This is an understandable worry for online business, but there are ways to rise through the ranks. With our expertise, WebNet International has the solutions ready to execute effective SEO for your website.


Before beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. We cater to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing.


We identify which keywords to target based on search volume, which is how often a searchers are looking for a specific term(s)


Perhaps the cornerstone of SEO, we fully optimize every element of your website, from images to text and more


Consider links to your website as votes. Our link building is aimed at increasing the number and quality of these votes


Each month, you'll receive a detailed report regarding your website's visibility in comparison to your competitors

Why SEO is Beneficial to Your Business?

Ranking Importance

This year resesrch shows that approximately 85% of all Web sites are found via search engines

Major Search Engines

96% of Internet users begin their Web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL)

Effective strategy

SEO allows you the ability to choose keyword phrases for searches performed by potential customers

342 billion Search Results

In January 2016, more than 17.5 billion searches were performed with 342 billion search results

Bring Visitors

Solid SEO and search friendly Web design will help bring visitors to your Website

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception is that the higher a Web sites is ranked in a search engine

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