Monetize Your Idea

You’ve done it. You’ve come up with your dream business. You’ve seen a need and you are ready to fulfill that need. You’ve stayed up many nights customizing a webpage from a free template online, or maybe you’ve even dished out a little money to buy one that looks really good or seems to have features you want. You’ve told all your family and friends and your friends’ families. Everyone is excited for you. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve success.

But it’s suddenly three or six or twelve months later and you’re barely keeping your dream afloat. That’s not how this is supposed to be.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel involves data, research, codes, and analytics. Now you could spend months, endless hours, and thousands of thousands of dollars to construct your own sales funnel. Unless you have a background in computer science or just an impressive passion for it, you’re probably also going to spend a lot of time teaching yourself coding, trying to understand data and algorithms. That time, money and effort should be spent running your business, taking care of new and loyal customers, and planning your next big thing.

The sales funnel attracts traffic from online searches for whatever products or services you provide that people are in need of. Then, the sales funnel guides visitors through your website to become active customers seamlessly by keeping the interest in your products or services alive. Clicks become sales and browsing becomes profit. Your website is like your storefront and the sales funnel is your most valuable employee that walks your potential customers through the “sales pitch” and closes the sale with ease and convenience.

DIY Website Builders Are Great, But Not For Conversions

There are many template website builders available to individuals and starter companies looking for a quick fix to become visible in the online market. These website templates are advertised as user friendly; however, they only offer online curb appeal that is skin deep. While we agree that your curb-appeal is important, because the aesthetic and navigation of your website is a part of what attracts visitors; however, it takes much more than the aesthetic to sell and to sell successfully.

Our team at WebNet International is no stranger to the prolific nature of websites, multimedia content, and endless notifications on all of our screens. WebNet International has been in business for over 20 years watching the evolution of the internet and its relationship to business online. The transition has been overwhelming for many business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, but that is why we have worked tirelessly with our clients to provide them with every innovated technique to ensure they become, and then remain, prosperous. One of these innovations is the sales funnel.

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We create sales funnels for public speakers, authors, business leads, and any great business idea. Your focus should be on living the dream you set out to make a reality, and with our help, WebNet International is ready to provide you with a sales funnel to bring traffic to your site, show your potential clients why your product/service/idea is something they can’t live without, and give you a community of loyal customers excited about your brand.


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